The Company


Cangulf International Inc. is a Canadian company offering Project Management, Consulting, Solution Integration and Business Advisory Services. The company is managed by a group of senior professionals with decades of experience in a few distinct business sectors. The group covers a wide range of industries and services based on the lifetime successes of it's team of advisers and consultants.
Cangulf offers a range of services from Consulting to Project Management provided through a set of flexible contracting alternatives including short, long term and duration and merit based contracts. Cangulf is in business to professionally guide your business program/business to a profitable and productive path. We establish partnerships to secure and manage mutually beneficial opportunities in any part of the world.
Our extensive industrial & business contacts and access to huge resources in any part of the world ensures a timely delivery of the assigned responsibilities. Our team of core advisers and consultants is supported by a pool of human resources of various cultural and geographical backgrounds.